Semantic Annotation and Text Analytics in Government.
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  Greg Wilson   Greg Wilson
Program Manager
  Matthew Petrillo   Matthew Petrillo
President, Ontotext USA Inc.
  Gus Creedon   Gus Creedon
Program Manager


Thursday, December 1, 2011
10:50 AM - 11:15 AM
Level:  Practical Experience

Location:  Room 1BC

OpenPolicy is a solution aimed at improving finability in government regulation and policy publications. To find the right policy guidance for the task at hand, users have traditionally been faced with the laborious task of sifting through numerous regulations. Usually, this involves fishing for keywords or sending eMails which is inefficient, time consuming, and error-prone. To explore ways of improving this process, LMI developed a small prototype using Semantic MediaWiki. Subsequently, LMI partnered with Ontotext to incorporate Ontotext’s KIM platform for semantic annotation and search into OpenPolicy. The initial effort provides ontology-driven search capabilities that improve access to key regulatory information for government users at all levels—from field operations to policy development. LMI’s vision for OpenPolicy is a sustainable document authoring and enrichment process that helps end users find what they need and policy managers identify overlaps or disconnects within and among regulations. Ontotext’s KIM platform, with customizations created for OpenPolicy, offers managed automation of the document parsing, enrichment and search process that maximizes input from subject matter experts without requiring labor-intensive manual indexing. These functions enhance wiki-based authoring and social collaboration tools provided outside the semantic framework. We will also discuss how LMI is helping government agencies use text analytics to improve data quality and reduce the time and expense of review of health information.

Greg Wilson is a Systems Development Program Manager at LMI, a not-for-profit government consulting firm in McLean VA. Mr. Wilson has a deep background developing software systems and data integration strategies. Mr. Wilson has led the integration of Enterprise 2.0 and semantic technologies into LMI's support to government clients. He has managed open standards communities and enjoys working at the intersection of technology, business, and society.

Matthew Petrillo is president and CEO of Ontotext USA, a subsidiary of semantic technology provider Ontotext AD, headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. He joined Ontotext in June 2010 to lead market development for the company’s products and services in North America. Matt has an extensive background in high-tech services consulting. Most recently he managed the adoption of text analysis and semantic technologies for the Vienna-based information company Matrixware. In 2002, he co-founded a consulting firm in Washington, DC to help telecom and other infrastructure companies compete in post-conflict markets. In that capacity, Matt worked on projects in Afghanistan, Iraq and western Africa. He lives in Connecticut with his wife, two sons, two dogs and three llamas.

Gus Creedon is a Program Manager for LMI’s Logistic Technology Group. He is a career expert in the integration of U.S. Government and commercial logistics systems. Gus led the functional design and ontology development for Open Policy. He also helped focus the Open Policy development team on the behavior of the user interface design and semantic search. Seeking to bring semantic search applications more quickly to market, he is leading an LMI R&D effort to accelerate ontology development. Gus is a DC metro area native, works out of LMI’s McLean, VA office, and resides in rural Montgomery County Maryland.

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