Solution of Data Governance at Banco do Brasil
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  Marcelo Silva   Marcelo Santos Silva
IT Manager
Banco do Brasil SA


Wednesday, May 2, 2012
10:30 AM - 11:20 AM

Level:  Intermediate

In a highly competitive market, the challenge of information technology is to rapidly adapt to business needs. In addition to reuse, you must be proactive in identifying new assets that may be necessary to business strategies, thus putting the company one step ahead. Therefore, it is essential that IT is aligned to the business.

In this sense, a big company like Banco do Brasil, which has over 1000 data models of information systems, should consider:
  • A taxonomy to organize its functions, data and other IT assets;
  • The organization of this universe of information to facilitate that assets can be found and reused;
  • Rules, procedures and guidelines that enable data governance and IT assets of the company;
  • Tools that support the assessment of new projects, changes in existing information systems, fitness for modularization and better interaction between applications and proactive appointment of new IT assets.

Marcelo Santos Silva has over 23 years of experience in Information Technology. He graduated in Computer Technology, Bachelor of Business Administration, Post-graduate degree in Software Engineering and MBA in Development, Quality and Safety on the Internet. Marcelo has consulted for several companies in the industrial and financial industries, such as Boliden Allis, Allis Mineral Systems, Crefisul Bank, The First National Bank of Boston, BDO Brazil, FIPECAFI (Research Institute of Accounting, Actuarial and Financial) and Banco do Brasil SA. Over the past eight years, Marcelo has served as Data Architecture Manager in the Architecture Technology of Banco do Brasil, and coordinates the solutions that support the process of Data Governance in the organization.

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